White paper copy is important for businesses that have technical information to impart to an audience or that need to answer questions which other business owners or experts in their industry might have.

They are useful in describing problems and then defining solutions, as well as educating potential buyers on why a particular product will help them solve a problem or fulfill a desire.

They are part of the pre-sell, and thus so need to be as engaging as they are informative. The most effective white paper copy strikes a balance between these two.

Hiring a skilled white paper copywriter is greatly beneficial to your business if your aim is to present product briefings, technical backgrounds, market overviews, service benefits, and reviews of competitors.

They are experts in presenting the opinions of your business in an informative way without being too dry or technical. In a nutshell, white paper copy is alike a persuasive essay.


A white paper is often a PDF download that a customer can receive if they gift you their precious email address. These PDF downloads are often in the form of free e-books, informative reports, and helpful guides.

They provide valuable and actionable information to potential customers in order to build your credibility and their trust.

Effective white papers are some of the hardest to write because they take so much time, effort, research, and tact.

They are designed to be relevant for longer periods of time than most blog posts, and therefore require much more forethought and energy.

They payoff of the amount of energy it takes to create a white paper is the level of perceived authority you gain from producing something so informational and extensive.

A long form piece of white paper copy shows your audience and potential customers that you are passionate about what you do and dedicated to providing them with valuable information.

A copywriter can help you break through the noise of your competitors by helping you create white paper copy that not only educates your customers, but also persuades them to continue turning to you for answers.

White papers are essential if you are selling a high priced product or service, or one that is either complicated or new. Potential customers read them to justify a purchase or commitment that you are asking to make.

And white paper copy is the perfect time to step up your persuasive game by being the first and the best to answer their questions, assuage their concerns, and prompt them to take the plunge.