As a business owner, your energy is focused on providing your customers with great products and fantastic services. But first you need to get their attention.

In today’s media saturated online world it can be hard to get your message to rise above the noise. This is where hiring a copywriter to provide your website with compelling copy can elevate your visibility and level up your sales.


It is one of – if not THE – most valuable investments you can make in growing your business.

A copywriter is focused on one job: penning copy designed to engage, educate, and entertain. Their words are specifically designed to hook and reel.

Their job is to tell your story in a way that inspires potential customers to turn to you when they have a want that needs filled or a problem that needs solved.

A good business owner knows that if they’re not great at something then they can hire someone who is.

Here are 3 reasons why you should invest in website copy:

1. Your Competition Already Has

Boring website copy is a liability. One of your website’s greatest assets is copy that grabs the reader’s attention and persuades them to action. Your competition knows this.

Any website that’s serious about driving traffic and making money has hired a professional copywriter.

If you’re not relying on the expertise of someone trained in eye-catching web copy, then you’re practically begging potential customers to turn to your competition.

Brand loyalty is very rare these days, and if your website bores the customer, they will bail.

2. The Curse of Knowledge

Being an expert at what you do is a double-edged sword. On one hand you have the answers all the answers, but on the other hand, being an expert often means you’re answering questions that nobody is asking.

That’s because you’re too close to your business. Copywriters aren’t; they’re experts at being objectionable observers.

They know what questions customers want answered about your business, and they write to address those questions.

The curse of knowledge means that experts write in the language of other experts. Most customers aren’t experts; they just want their problem solved. Copywriters know how to write to the non-experts in their language. And you can’t reach people if you can’t communicate with them in their own language.

3. To Find the Voice of Your Brand

Every successful brand has a unique and consistent voice with a specific point of view; like a character in a movie.

Web copy needs to be written in the same voice across the entire spectrum, otherwise it’s awkward and will turn customers off.

A copywriter is trained in finding the voice of your brand and writing in that voice. When your voice is consistent, customers will trust your brand. And when they trust your brand, they give you their money.