Most successful companies did not get to the level where they are at today by only marketing one product or service. They all utilise the power of the upsell. And they do it with sales funnels.

A sales funnel is a system designed to continually engage your customers through follow ups, special offers, product or service upgrades, auto responders, check-ins, and specially designed upsells to higher and higher price points over an extended period of time.


And then there are the most powerful types of sales funnels, that not only check off all the boxes of the aforementioned, but also focus on building audience trust and brand loyalty.

They do this in such a way that feels organic, friendly, and helpful. The best sales funnels are not scammy, but instead aim to solve pain points, answer questions, and anticipate customer needs and wants.

It has been proven that an existing customer is seven times easier to sell to than a potential customer. Sales funnels work for your business to turn a one-time buyer into a repeat customer.

They also have the side effect of making every customer much more valuable to your business. Sales funnels push you to continually create better content, better products, and better services.

They motivate you to provide your customers with the best, and in turn your customers show their appreciation with their wallets and word of mouth marketing.

A successful sales funnel is a campaign that has been panned out ahead of time. It is a strategic action plan, and should not be left to chance.

That is why it is so important to get somebody on your team who understands sales funnels and how to maximize their potential.

It is critical that you find someone who understands the importance of building trust with your audience and credibility with your brand and how those correlate directly with higher sales and loyal customers.

A sales funnel can take you from a simple ebook purchase to a webinar, to an online course, to a membership community, to a paid subscription service. It is a long-term plan that reaps higher dividends the longer it exists.

Profitable sales funnels are the work of professionals who understand the mind of the customer and the wants and needs of your target market.

They know the power that sales funnels can have in creating loyal communities around your brand, product, or service. And as always, trust equals sales.