Any company’s public visibility will skyrocket with press coverage. Press coverage comes with press releases. These are your vehicle for communicating to the world your new company, product, or service.

You can use press releases to announce upcoming workshops, webinars, free samples, grand openings, anniversaries, awards, partnerships, charity events, overcoming an adversity, sponsoring an event, and to introduce to products or game-changing features happening within your company.


The impact of a press release is directly correlated with how newsworthy your announcement is. This kind of coverage goes above and beyond advertising or blogging.

Press releases that come either right before or right after a change in your industry can help you stay at the forefront of customers’ minds.

And there is an art to writing an effective press release. The thing is, if a press release just sounds like you promoting your business, many editors won’t go for it.

You have to appease the editor before they’ll agree to broadcast your press release to the public. That’s why it’s best to hire someone who’s experienced in crafting press releases rather than trying to do it in house.

Because you will be relying on a reporter to publish your press release, you have to make sure that it is crafted with the best interests of their audience in mind and not purely based on shameless self-promotion.

If you can give a reporter the inside scoop on a piece of news that will be relevant or of interest to their readers, they are much more likely to publish it, and will be more willing to work with your company in the future. The key is to hide your company behind the content of your press release, and to provide value above all.

When you dedicate your press release campaign to informing both customers within your industry and potential customers, publications will be more open to passing your news along to their audience.

Another benefit of press releases is also posting them to your website when they’re released. This not only serves as another way to further benefit your readers, but also helps to index your page and better rank you in search engines.

Press releases will piggy back on your marketing campaign, as well as substantiate your credibility and authority within your industry.

As long as you dedicate your press releases to providing newsworthy content, they can be a very effective tool in leveling up your company’s visibility and promoting your message.