Email marketing is a powerful tool in engaging with your audience and keeping yourself in the front of their minds. By getting into their inbox, you are granted power incomparable to those companies who are not utilising email marketing.

The best part of providing customers with email marketing is that you’ve already been granted permission to contact them and send them news, promotional offers, and content.


It’s a special place to be. It is like if someone were to invite you into their home.

Yes, you are a guest, but the homeowner has also permitted you to be there, and most likely wants to hear what you have to say.

The hurdle to getting into someone’s inbox however, is in getting permission to be there in the first place.

That’s where an expert in email marketing can come in handy. A professional email marketing copywriter knows how to get the email address of potential leads by answering questions they have up front.

Before a potential customer gives you their email address, they want to know a few things:

• They want to know what will they be getting once they give you their personal information.

• They want to know how often they will be hearing from you.

• They want to know if they will get discounted deals, educational information, entertaining content, special sneak peaks for upcoming events or products, or just spam mail.

And a copywriter trained in email marketing knows how to answer these questions before they’re even asked.

A good copywriter knows how to build trust in order to be granted access to the sacred inbox.

Email newsletters are the most effective way of getting your foot in the door of your customer’s minds and inboxes.

Email marketing copywriters understand how to utilize auto responders, target the right audience for your content, and craft compelling offers and headlines that will have your recipients not just giving you their email addresses, but opening your emails as well.

An expertly assembled email marketing campaign will also yield incredibly helpful analytics and statistics.

Who opens your emails, what links they click on in your emails, what they end up buying from your emails, and if your emails drive traffic to your website are all important statistics that can help you effectively target the right audience.

Email marketing content that is delivered in a way that doesn’t feel like spam is essential in preventing people from clicking the “unsubscribe” button.

If you deliver valuable content in your marketing emails, then not only will you develop loyal customers, but you will also create brand advocates who will promote your material for you.

This is why you need a professional email marketing copywriter in your corner.