Your business needs a blog. No, really, it NEEDS a blog.

A blog helps your business accomplish two uncompromisingly essential things: alerting potential customers to your existence and providing them with free value.

An active blog is like the heartbeat of your business. It lets others know you’re alive. When you produce quality content and shareable posts, both people and search engine crawlers notice.

Having a blog is like having a Swiss army knife – it’s multifunctional.

A blog can provide social media content; showcase your expertise; establish your authority; generate free publicity; drive traffic to your website; tell the story of your brand; humanise your business; give your brand a stronger voice; educate your customers; encourage consumer interaction; and boost sales through building trust.

NEVER underestimate the power of having a business blog.


If you forfeit blogging for your business, you forfeit the shortcut to all of the above. Why do you think your competition has a blog? Because it works.

Having a dedicated blog helps people find your website. With each new blog post you create, you’re also creating another page that can be indexed on your website, which increases your search engine rankings.

Those blog posts will also continue to work for you long after they’ve been posted. They will rank in search engines for years to come.

The more blog posts in your website’s history, the more long-term traffic you’ll be driving to your website.

Getting closer to the front page is what we all want, but the real purpose for producing blog content should be driven by your passion of providing your customers with valuable and share-worthy content.

Every blog post is an opportunity for you to share with your followers and friends on social media, and allows them to continue sharing it for you.

Maintaining a blog strengthens your social media presence which sends more visitors to your website. And once they’re there, your blog can be the spark that transforms traffic into leads.

There is no better way to showcase and establish your expertise and authority than with continuous blog content.

This includes answering common industry questions, and consumer queries, as well as introducing and explaining new developments within your industry. And the longer you’ve been putting out quality blog content, the bigger dividends you’ll reap.

If you’re answering questions that people are asking and explaining to people how your industry works, you’ll gain their trust. And with their trust come leads and sales. It’s a win-win-win.