The Benefits of Using The Services of a Professional Copywriter

When developing a new website, it can be so easy to get caught up in its visual style and functionality.

Sure, when a visitor firsts lands on your website, you’ll want them to be immediately impressed by your sleek website design and multitude of functionality.

However, if you want visitors to stay on your website and engage with your brand, you’ll need compelling copy.


Your website copy should play a key role in user experience, telling a story that encourages visitors to engage with multiple pages and truly engrossing themselves in what your products or services can do for them.

Knowing everything there is to know about your products or services won’t translate to sales.

As much as you think you may be best positioned to write the copy for your website, developing compelling copy for your products or services is a unique skill.

Good copywriters know how to perfectly position your product, service and/or business to motivate your website visitors to take action.

I have an innate ability to create highly targeted content with your audience personas in mind; content that drives conversions and is optimised to rank in search engines.

Still not convinced? Let’s explore some key benefits to using the services of a professional copywriter.

  1. Combine Powerful Copy with Equally Powerful Design

You’ve invested in an expensive, high end website with powerful design and functionality; why allow the copy to pull down its impact?

Long sentences, misplaced commas and too much jargon can derail the impact of your website.

On the other hand, I can create well-structured, clear, customer-focused content which serves to engage and keep visitors engaged.

From headlines to call-to-actions, powerful copy is essential to complementing your brand identity, driving sales and assuring customer retention.

  1. Can you spare the time?

Constructing a few headlines, adding call-to-actions, crafting maybe 10,000 words of webpage copy – easy to put together, right? Wrong.

Writing quality website copy that will empower greater business performance and complement your ideal business perception takes time. It takes a lot of time!

By outsourcing your website copy to a professional copywriter like me enables you to spend time on more important areas of the business.

You don’t have to worry about content timelines and deadlines; copywriters are highly skilled in delivering copy on time.

I can complete assignments very quickly, yet ensure that each and every word is perfect.

  1. An Outside Perspective

All too often, companies make the mistake of littering their website copy with industry jargon or concentrating on details that interest them but not the customer.

A copywriter can better understand what the customer wants and needs rather than an existing employee as we offer a unique outside perspective.

As a professional copywriter, I can effectively communicate why and how your products or services can add value to your customer’s life from an unbiased viewpoint.

Copywriters don’t need to have worked in your field to write like an expert. My skills enable me to write effectively about any business or industry.

I’ll speak to your team and customers, conduct in-depth research and draw on my own expertise to create the best content for your website.

  1. Search Engine Success

Your website looks great, works great and reads well, but if the copy isn’t cleverly optimised for search engines, it simply won’t be found by your target audience.

Trying to tackle search engine optimised copy yourself can often result in copy that appears purposely stuffed with SEO keywords, which can deter website visitors.

As a professional copywriter, I understand exactly what needs to be done in order for your website to rank well in search engine results.

When writing copy, I can deliver captivating messaging with both search engines and the target audience in mind.


Hiring a professional copywriter holds the key to maximising website visibility and ultimately driving sales.

Save yourself time, resources and ultimately money by drafting in my help to create website copy that converts.

Shoot me an email today and let’s talk some more.